The Best Concealment Holster – Crossbreed Supertuck vs. Concealment Solutions Black Mamba

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Having carried a concealed weapon for a few years, I have tried virtually every type of concealment holster out there.  After a while you learn what is an essential feature of a good holster, and what is not.  Eventually you settle on a type of holster that you like.  For me, I initially settled on the holsters from The Holster Store.  I stuck with them for a while, as they were reasonably comfortable and inexpensive.

After about a year of carrying in one of their Pro Carry Deep Comfort holsters, I decided that I was going to spring for a crossbreed holster, as I had heard good things about them.  Well, after waiting about six weeks for it to arrive, I was impressed.  It was very comfortable, albeit somewhat larger than I had anticipated.  It concealed better than anything I had previously tried, and did so with better retention and comfort than I could ask for.

Well, a couple weeks ago, while at the local gun show, I ran into a guy named Jason Christensen, with Concealment Solutions.  He makes holsters locally, which I liked, and after I picked one of his holsters up, I could immediately tell it had a higher build quality than the Crossbreed.  After the show was over, I sent him an email and picked up a couple of his holsters, one for a Kahr CW-9 and one for a Glock 19.

First, it took a few days, rather than a few weeks, which was great.  Second, compared directly to the Crossbreed, the holster is much better built, the kydex covers more of the gun, allowing for increased safety when holstering, and the cut of the leather side of the holster better fits the shape of the gun.  The clips are infinitely better than the Crossbreed.  I have had the Crossbreed come off with the gun on a draw, but the Concealment solutions clips hold the holster onto the belt from both sides, keeping this from happening.  Where the Crossbreed has excess leather where it isn’t necessary, the Concealment Solutions Black Mamba CE, is large enough to provide maximum comfort, while at the same time doesn’t have excess leather where it isn’t needed.  This makes the Black Mamba THE most concealable and comfortable holster you can buy.  And trust me, I have tried many.  Combined with the shorter wait time this makes the Black Mamba CE a no brainer.  Go buy one.  He also makes similar holster for sub-compacts and micro pistols.  If you have a custom design, or some oddly-shaped light or accessory, he does custom builds, and you won’t be waiting six-months for it either.